Who is BowTiedTamarin?

BowTiedTamarin is a cartoon monkey who has been working with light and sound to make people feel something for many years.

Tamarin is not a lawyer, accountant, or financial advisor. Nothing here is legal or financial advice.

What Do We Post Here?

The focus here is on helping raise your production skills to do whatever you want with.

Once you have the power to influence people with media you have a lot of options.

You can:

  • become an influencer

  • promote an ecommerce store

  • make art or music as a hobby

  • become a paid freelancer yourself

What is the BowTied Jungle?

You will hear me refer to The Jungle quite a bit.

At it’s surface, The Jungle is an online community of anonymous cartoon animals with specialized skills. Fitness, finance, ecommerce, SEO, computer programming, and it is growing every day.

The goal of the community is to create a digital country by the year 2035.

If the last sentence sounds completely insane and you want an in depth explanation, BowTiedBull has an article here.


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